As America’s Endangered Species List turns 50, uncertainty abounds

  • On March 11, 1967, 78 animals were added to the Endangered Species List following the passage of the Endangered Species Preservation Act of 1966.
  • That legislation laid the groundwork for the Endangered Species Act, which was passed in 1969 and greatly strengthened in 1973.
  • But with the new administration promising a roll-back of environmental regulations, there are concerns that protections for endangered species could suffer.
  • J Mark Fowler, a wildlife advocate and filmmaker, says this development would be a tragedy for America and the world.


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The Explorers Club Wildlife Chairman & Grace Farms Foundation Wildlife Ambassador, Mark Fowler presents "unorthodox" guests at the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC

"'Dispersed throughout the formally-attired crowd at the Explorers Club 112th Annual Dinner –themed “Oceans: Current of Life” — were some unorthodox guests, including a boa constrictor wrapped around Wildlife Chairman Mark Fowler’s tuxedoed neck and two tortoises creeping along the stage foraging lettuce tidbits, against a backdrop that included a newly unveiled, $1.8 million Triton personal submarine, capable of descending to depths of 3,300 feet.'"  Excerpt from article by ARIEL FIELD | 03.15.16


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